Global Analysis Clipping  

Global Analysis Clipping

Global Analysis Clipping

To the satisfaction of its 400 clients, Ninamedia replaced the existing clipping solution with a new, improved software solution Global Analysis Clipping.

New software solution for tracking, analysis and media monitoring was made by local programmers. Compared to classic clipping, it differs in terms of speed of delivering material to the user.

Application is very simple to use. By logging in to the website using a user name, with one click you can see clipping for today, but also for all topics of interest to you, wherever you are, regardless of the time of day. In just a few steps, you can do a clipping analysis of your own because the software gives information on the number of media, surface/duration, tone, but also many other very useful data aiming at the making every day work of marketing and PR experts easier. Also, when you do the analysis, you can see a chart or apply it to a document or table which you create.

Use our possibility of free trial periodduring which we will send you reports from print, electronic and web media in accordance with key topics and words which you provide us with. This period lasts for 15 days and we opted for this in order to give you the chance to feel the new software solution and place your confidence in us with the aim of establishing cooperation. 


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