Clients About Us  

Clients About Us

Clients About Us

  • KreativaNewFormula
    Aleksanda Milosevic, Account Manager

    I am very pleased with cooperation with you, primarily because you are always ready to listen to the client, to client's requests and to always quickly react, which is certainly important in our world of marketing. I, myself personally, did not have some more specific requests regarding your services, but the classic press clipping service, without comparative analysis, but I am happy with this part of your work.

    Prices of your services are favourable, and at the same time you are very forthcoming towards your old clients, if some old research is needed, because you do not charge us for this and that influences the complete image of you as a business associate a great deal.

    I wish you a lot of success and to stay such good associates!

  • Erste Bank a.d. Novi Sad
    Andrea Brbaklić, Communication Department

    One of the strongest partnerships that Erste Bank's Communication Department has established is that with Ninamedia. We were together when the bank arrived inSerbiaand have passed the bank's transformation and development from regional to national network jointly, with increase in market share, establishment and promotion of the principle of corporate social responsibility… Ninamedia was there all the time to record all, inform and analyse, in a detailed and timely manner and adjusted to specific needs.

  • ComTrade

    We thing Ninamedia delivers valuable information on our marketing activities in the printed media in a timely and neat fashion.

  • Dunav Insurance Company a.d.o.
    Milica Slijepcevic, Director of the PR Department

    I start my morning with coffee, and a successful day with Ninamedia. If it weren't for you, many would live in disillusion! In six years of cooperation, I have nothing but words of praise for you.

  • Srba Jovanović
    Srba Jovanović

    This month it will be exactly seven years since I first started working with the Agency Ninamedia.

    Seven years of continuous professional cooperation and about it I can really say only the best. Regardless of which position I was at - in the Federal Government, or in a multinational company or a director in a pan-European consultant agency for public relations … - in all my work for institutions, organizations or clients which involved reports on media publications and analysis of media content - Ninamedia was a real partner in our work.


    Apart from what is the usual scope of service and cooperation, staff in the Agency Ninamedia is always ready to offer a lot more. With understanding and awareness of the importance of the work we are in, they often provided us with additional reports, analysis and statistics of publications which surpassed in quality and content and in significance what can be expected from an agency which started with just press clipping …


    Top service, hard-working and forthcoming people, fast reaction, results.


    Of course I cooperated with other similar agencies as well; I respect them and am aware that each of them has its unique worthy characteristic which the other does not. But, Ninamedia has more such worthy characteristics when considered in total than any of the other agencies in our market, and this is not my biased feeling or opinion: this is the result of analysis we have done before each selection of clipping agency for a particular client, or for a certain period.

    Ninamedia showed high level of awareness on the significance of the profession and field of public relations by offering their contribution in the founding of the Public Relations Society of Serbia by doing media monitoring related to all topics of key significance for this area. I know that this is not the only example of their contribution to this and other professions, economy and society in general.

    I look forward to seeing them grow over time, progress and introduce new services, increase the number of employees and offer services of new generations for an even bigger number of clients.

    I wish them even more success in the future!

  • Metro Cash&Carry

    Ninamedia agency has been a devoted business partner to METRO company since the very beginning of its operations on Serbian market. Speed and readiness to meet the client's specific requirements are only some of the qualities of the agency. The very fact that Ninamedia is a valuable everyday partner in operations of METRO company is proved with cooperation in providing valuable information in all segments - from public relations to sales. In the time of speed and changing market, it is important to have a business partners on whose services one can rely.

  • Delegation of the European Union
    Aleksandar Djordjevic, Advisor for Media and Information

    Media monitoring for the Delegation of the European Union in Serbia for two years performing Ninamedia is one of the key tools for successful implementation of our communications strategy. Review, clearly written and thesize of the most important quality in the Serbian media news- and in English - are a must in the Delegation of the morningreading. Ninamedia as a partner shows great flexibility and adaptability to client needs and requirements without any problems and weather delays can change the look andcontent of the product.

  • Triple Jump Group
    Triple Jump Group

    Company Triple Jump Group has been successfully working with Ninamedia Agency for four years now. Professionalism, efficiency, speed of your work are our main recommendations and the reason for our great satisfaction with our cooperation up to now.

  • Privatization Agency

    During long-term cooperation, Ninamedia is one of the most important cooperation partner for privatization. High precision in the work of modern software and flexibility are the main features of the system Ninamedia and professionalism, accuracy and courtesy of employees is something you can count on at all times.