Decade of the Ninamedia agency  

Decade of the Ninamedia agency

Decade of the Ninamedia agency

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The biggest company for media monitoring and analysis in Serbia, Ninamedia, with whose press clipping over 400 clients start their workdays, marked its 10th birthday. On that occasion, leaders of this company organized a party in the Kalemegdanska terasa restaurant. The interesting program was hosted by Slavko Beleslin and Ivana Bajić, while the head of the company, Dragan Radić told guests that Ninamedia was one of the rare companies that had constant growth and was expanding its services even in difficult times, thus confirming its leadership in the monitoring area.

For the 10th anniversary, a new, revolutionary Buzz Monitor service was introduced, which monitors social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and RSS in real time, as well as comments within news. This is a socially responsible company, which was confirmed by the fact that it gave a valuable donation to the Maternity ward in Novi Sad. Guests at the party had a chance to enjoy an excellent choice of food and drink, while the Croatian band Parni valjak was in charge of music.


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