Press clipping / media monitoring  

Press clipping / media monitoring

Press clipping / media monitoring

Monitoring and collection of media reports in print, electronic and web media about you, your competition and other topics enables timely and comprehensive disposition of data which represent the basic informational capital based on which it is possible to measure results of total efforts put into the construction of one's own reputation. Press clipping consists of:

Selection of relevant reports and delivery of clipping by email, with access to a clipping website base, including online quantitative analytics, for an unlimited number of users

SMS and e-mail alarm notifications for negative reports

Delivery of recordings from electronic media as part of a clipping report

Daily economic and political reviews - in Serbian and English

Press-desk - overview of all cover pages of daily newspapers

Daily reviews/press digests, reviews are delivered in Serbian and English

Monitoring of advertising via television

A contact person available 24/7 which is an especially important feature in crisis situations when efficient reaction is neede

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